Welcome to  Shepherd Revolution! 

We are so glad you chose to join the Leadership Revolution. We are honored to make a lasting impact that will change our world forever. Let’s reach the next generation together to transform the way they learn and the way they lead.

Who are we?

We are a Leadership Development company that educates, equips, and empower the next generation through innovative learning and love-based leadership. We get to do this through our leadership academy, Global Youth Leadership Summits; summer camps, leadership certifications, after school coaching programs, and community gatherings.

Our Genesis Story

As a young man, our Founder, David Prosper grew up in a community and home that was committed to fear-based leadership as a solution to create a compliant culture. Equally; he grew up in the public school system where teachers and staff were trained to put students into a box. They also judged students’ intelligence through one metric and offered a one-track path without a real opportunity for him to explore his interests. The social comparison and suppression of creative expression led David on a path where he felt he wasn’t “smart” enough and didn’t fit in. Until he met one teacher who nurtured his potential and his dreams. 

David went on to college with an athletic scholarship but still struggled academically. Just 3 years after graduating he lost his mother to cancer and some of her last words reverberated through his mind constantly. She said, “I didn’t do enough.” It would be those words that would become the driving force for him to do as much as he could while here on earth to change the epidemic of poor leadership and a suppressive educational system.  In 2019, while reading the Bible and studying the way Jesus led, the Holy Spirit gave him the vision for the Shepherd Revolution organization. 

A Leadership company that educates, equips and empowers the next generation to transform their lives and the lives of those around them. Because He believes that when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, churches get better, schools get better, governments get better and ultimately the world gets better. 


our vision is to inspire a global change for the next generation to become shepherd leaders by creating healthier families and communities


That when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, schools get better, the government gets better and ultimately the world gets better. 


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