Adam Hebert generally doesn’t write about himself and finds this to be a little weird… Especially being in third person. He spent the majority of his life working a normal basic job that paid well and he wandered aimlessly. Then in the mid 2000’s he was asked to work for an entrepreneur to develop a hydrogen gas generator that can be installed in a vehicle’s air intake to reduce gas mileage. At the time gas was approaching or past $4.50/gal.

At the time Adam didn’t know much about cars, engines, or producing hydrogen… So he immediately said “yes!” and began researching. Though that company didn’t go far, Adam did successfully develop and build a prototype hydrogen unit and install it in a couple vehicles. The results of which did not increase gas mileage but instead added a little horsepower when forcing a lot of hydrogen into the air intake. It was like giving your car an energy drink.

The results of that adventure led Adam (still weird) to a path of entrepreneurship where he launched his next few companies. The first being a massive website called the ‘Peanut Butter List.’ This was a grocery store price comparison website that tracked the weekly prices on more than 10,0000 common grocery items at every major grocery chain in Colorado. Basically it was an easy way to find the best deals every week and over time and never pay full price for groceries.  After a few years of working 50 hours a week at a job plus building and bootstrapping the website and software, Adam decided to shelve the idea and just buy groceries like normal people.

At the end of the Peanut Butter List Adam bought a nice camera. He had never owned a camera and thought it would be fun to start taking photos now that he had new found free time. Two weeks after that purchase Adam did the only reasonable thing, and quit his job of 17 years to pursue photography. Now, 5 years later he’s a professional wedding photographer and owns Epoch Moment Photography, Epoch 365, and the Know Where Project.