You’ll see on our page, we use the term ‘student’ in place of ‘expert’ because we believe that we are constantly learning, growing, evolving.

This is the type of environment we want to create and foster.

If we’re going to lead, we have to connect with people to build the communities we want to see. Instead of focusing on comparisons, we want to celebrate our differences, our strengths, our weaknesses and build the world we want to see.



A warm smile, approachable, caring, and a nurturing heart are a few characteristics to describe David. He is a ‘student’ who believes that when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, schools get better, the government gets better and the world gets better.

Founder, CEO, and ‘student’ of Shepherd Revolution – A Future Faith-based K-12 Leadership Academy. David was inspired by reading the Bible about how Jesus was a revolutionary leader and a revolutionary learner. And since then he has been on a mission to educate, equip, and empower people to transform their lives and the lives around them. His mission originated when he heard his mother say her last words “I wish I did enough” right before she passed away. Which fueled his vision to create a world where healthier families and communities are the new standard.

David is an award-winning speaker, National Speakers Association Graduate, TEDx speaker, Certified Leadership & Communication Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, 3x Collegiate Football Champion, Social Impact Entrepreneur, and a disciple of Jesus.