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Think Revolutionary. Be Revolutionary

About our organization

We Believe That Everyone Deserves To Live In A Better Community With Better Leaders. Because too many of us have been hurt, abused and unappreciated by unhealthy leaders.

We help leaders discover more about themselves, their communities and their cities through our 7 step Leader-Shift Blueprint program to develop better leaders.

As a result of partnering with us you and those you serve will experience inspiration and transformation in less than 90 days.

Our 6 Guiding Pillars

Be Loving

Be Enthusiastic

Be Revolutionary

Be Innovative

Be Grateful

Be Selfless

Founder & Chief empowerment officer

How I became a leader

 I remember the days of when my father and mother always seem to clash, which would always result in physical and/or emotional altercations that created a world of uncertainty constantly questioning what would happen to my siblings and I.

 It was so bad at the age of 7, my mother sent me to Haiti just to escape the violence and toxicity. After a couple of years when I came back to the United States my parents had finally divorced.

 The pain that I had harbored inside led me to become so curious to discover why my parents had such an abusive relationship. And the reason was more simple: their parents and their leaders led my parents through command and control. And the tradition of effective leadership continued, until now!

 I help ambitious leaders, develop the people who follow them, build healthy authentic relationships, and revolutionize the way leaders lead. Combining years of biblical teachings, neurological research, and ancient human nature principles.

Some of my achievements include: 3x Award-Winning Speaker, National Speakers Association Academy Graduate, Certified Leadership Trainer, Certified Life Coach, and Biblical counselor, And a bachelors in Communication and Leadership studies.

I’ve been seen in: The Green Bay Press-Gazette, The St. Norbert Times, Naples Daily New, and on ABC, NBC, and FOX television affiliates across the country.

 Over the past 5 year I have been obsessed with understanding how we can connect the brain to the heart to do a better job leading our families, our organizations and our world more effectively. Because when leaders get better, relationships get better, communities get better, countries get better and the world gets better.

 So join me in this revolution in making the world a better place with better leaders!  


Our Vision

To create healthy communities across the world through revolutionary leadership

Our mission

to engage, encourage, equip, enhance, and empower leaders to transform their communities by loving unconditionally, serving selflessly, and giving generously

Our guiding verse

Proverbs 27: 23 "Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds"