Frequently Asked Questions

  • School environment: What is the “feel” of the school? Is it a welcoming place? Is it clean, well lit, and secure? Is public access limited? 
    • Our schools are created by love, for love and with love, you will be seen, heard, and understood. We believe safety is a top priority for our children so during school hours each visitor will be screened for entry. 
  • Safety policies: What are your safety policies and regulations? Who oversees these?
    • We believe safety is a top priority for our children so during school hours each visitor will be screened for entry. Our security team will oversee the safety of our students and staff. 
  • Community service: Do you offer community service? Is this a curriculum requirement or an extracurricular initiative?
    • Yes, we offer community service, but it is not a requirement for students because it is incorporated into their schedules. 
  • Homework policy: Do you have a homework policy, and if so, what is it?
    • We do not have a homework policy because we focus on students mastering each discipline. 
  • Discipline policy: What is your approach to dealing with discipline? How do you deal with behavior issues, such as troubled teen behavior and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)?
    • Where remind students of expectations and refuse to accept unhealthy behavior through the vehicle of support and love. We do in five  restorative ways: 
    1. Fostering understanding of the impact of the behavior 
    2. Repairing the harm that was done to people and relationships
    3. Attending the needs of victims and others in the academy 
    4. Avoiding imposing on students intentional pain, embarrassment, and discomfort
    5. Actively involving others as much as possible. 
  • Academic struggles: How do you deal with a child who isn’t meeting academic expectations or who has gaps in his or her knowledge?
    • The software will use its research-based assessments to evaluate intervention needs. High-quality instruction and practice to address learning challenges to get students to standards. 
  • Religion: Does religion play any role in your curriculum? Does your school have a religious affiliation?
    • Yes, we are Christ-centered and throughout our curriculum, we incorporate biblical teaching from the bible.