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Healthy Relationships

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It's time to have healthy relationship

    According to Northwestern Medicine healthy relationships we form with other people improve our mental health, emotional health and makes a bigger impact on avoiding early death.

 One study even suggest that a lack of healthy social relationships has the same effect on health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


Emotional support can go a long way towards helping a person recover from an adversity, procedure or illness.

Longer life

Even just having one or two strong, healthy relationship in your life can have a positive effect on your health and extend your life.

Sense of Purpose

Being in a loving relationship, no matter what kind, can give a person a sense of well-being and purpose.

Featured Workshop

Healthy Relationship Workshop

Do you work in a healthy environment? Are you afraid of having difficult conversations? As a student in Human Behavior I have obsessively studied how to create healthy and thriving environments, how to communicate in a way that people want to listen, and how to have difficult conversations that leads to a positive outcome.

What Our Clients say

David has a lot of passion for helping people better their lives in which inspires me to help others spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Eltwaun Lawrence, USA Air Force Active Duty

Working with David and seeing my growth both spiritually and physically has been truly inspiring and breathtaking!

Ranell Washington, Entrepreneur

Healthy Relationship Live Workshop

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In this workshop participants will move from a place of hurt to healed, from a bystander to taking initiative and from a follower to a leader. Attendees will know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Then take a deep dive into the root causes by learning the six human needs. As result, they will become part of the solution and help move relationships forward in a positive, healthy and fulfilling way. The question is now, are you ready to revolutionize your relationships today? Let’s connect!